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Our Mission

AfterWords is an intelligent customer engagement system that delivers questions based on transactional history.  We integrate sales transaction and customer loyalty data to only ask the most relevant questions about a customer’s unique experience.  We provide easy access to actionable data like perception and loyalty indexes.  We layer data collected from survey results, POS data, and loyalty information to show how operations inputs change satisfaction.  We incorporate customer recovery tools so if there is a poor experience, managers can address it in real time.  Our patent-pending process provides more relevant data, results in less survey abandonment, and provides actionable insights.

Our company was founded by a team of individuals who have extensive experience in the hospitality, data science, and technology fields.  The mission of the company is simple – provide easy-to-use software, actionable data, and industry expertise that helps customers provide the best customer experience possible!  Our team continuously researches the factors that provide customers with a positive experience.  We investigate customer journeys, measurement techniques, and recovery methods.  We interview industry experts, university professors, and business owners to understand how we can make significant impacts.  

AfterWords is the next generation in customer satisfaction software.



AfterWords is a focused, energetic, data driven team of people who get excited about solving difficult problems and driving results for our clients. Our work increases customer satisfaction across some of the world’s largest brands! Our culture is flexible and fun, and we are ruthless in our pursuit of leveraging data to make the world a better place.  AfterWords is currently hiring for the following positions:  

Current Openings

Client Data Analyst

The Client Data Analyst is responsible for interpreting customer reports and recommending client specific strategies that will improve satisfaction KPIs.  The Client Data Analyst will have assigned accounts and work as part of a larger team recommending strategies across AfterWords.  Candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 3 years’ experience in Business Intelligence.

Email your resume to: info@afterwords.com

Implementation Consultant

The Implementation Consultant will work with the AfterWords sales team and end users to ensure proper set up of the platform.  The set-up process includes management of the integration process, roll out across customer stores/units, and training of identified end users. Candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 3 years’ experience in technical consulting or project management.

Email your resume to: info@afterwords.com

Software Development Engineer

The Software Development Engineer is responsible for the programming of the software based on a defined set of business requirements.  The Engineer must understand all areas of software development including presentation layer, data access, and database development. The Engineer will collaborate with a cross-functional team that includes Designers, Programmers, and Project Managers.  Candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 3 years’ experience developing web-based solutions using ASP.NET C# 4.0 with Webforms and MS SQL 2010 databases.

Email your resume to: info@afterwords.com