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Questions From the Customer Experience 

Our survey system uses actual sales transaction data to generate questions. This knowledge provides the ability to have a conversation with the customer asking fewer questions with more relevancy. More relevance, fewer questions, better results.

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Answers That Drive Results 

Integrating sales transaction, loyalty information, and survey data allows for the systematic identification of ways to improve an experience. AfterWords pinpoints if experiences are unique to a team member, unique to a facility, or even unique to the time of day. Integrated data, actionable insights, better experience.

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Recover Customers in Real Time

When actions are identified, we let you know real-time. AfterWords incorporates innovative customer recovery tools that help you respond to negative feedback. Flexible issue queuing, real-time text and email alerts, and item-based detail help you keep your customers smiling and returning. Quicker recovery, more customers, better growth.

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Gain Actionable Insights

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How to Avoid Survey Bias

Surveys are an important tool to help you understand market trends and customer experience. They can provide valuable information, but if you’re not careful, you could be skewing your results. Survey bias is when features in your survey accidentally influence the results. …

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Understanding Your Survey Sample Size

If you are designing a survey or study for your company, sample size is one of the first questions you will encounter. Your sample size can have a big impact on the accuracy of your results. Whether you are just analyzing trends, or …

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Press Release

Industry Veteran Joins AfterWords As Channel Manager

AfterWords announced today that it has hired Annie Rodrigue as Channel Manager. Channel Manager is a new position at AfterWords and will focus on the development of the company’s channel program for value added resellers. …

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We ask the right questions at the right time by integrating sales transaction data, loyalty information, and survey results.

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Building a Survey Around the Customer Experience

AfterWords' experience driven surveys are based on a customer’s transactional history.  The questions are directly related to the customer’s experience, providing a channel for a true digital conversation.  We can ask about individual items purchased, the area where the customer sat, or the individual that helped the customer.  Our reporting allows you to see overall satisfaction and see how individual elements correlated to the experience, and it provides information to pinpoint areas for improvement.

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