Want to Know What Your Customers Really Think?

Want to Know What Your Customers Really Think?

AfterWords - Intelligent Customer Engagement

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Questions From the Customer Experience

Our survey system uses actual sales transaction data to generate questions. This knowledge provides the ability to have a conversation with the customer asking less questions with more relevancy. More Relevance, less questions, better results.

Answers That Drive Results 

Integrating sales transaction, loyalty information, and survey data allows for the systematic identification of ways to improve an experience. AfterWords pinpoints if experiences are unique to a team member, unique to a facility, or even unique to the time of day. Integrated data, actionable insights, better experience.

Recover Customers in Real Time 

When actions are identified, we let you know real time. AfterWords incorporates innovative customer recovery tools that help you respond to negative feedback. Flexible issue queuing, real time text and email alerts, and item based detail help you keep your customers smiling and returning. Quicker recovery, more customers, better growth.

Deliver Amazing Experiences

Ask Relevant Questions

Gain Actionable Insights

Measure Perception, Loyalty, and Impact


7 Tips for Effective Customer Recovery

Getting negative feedback it not fun. Our experts discuss 7 tips on how to effectively recover and win the customers praise...

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Effective Practices for Increased Survey Participation

Getting to know what your customers really think. We explore ways to increase survey response rates while remaining statistically relevant.

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Press Release

AFTERWORDS to Present at NRA Trade show

AfterWords will be exhibiting May 20-23 at the National Restaurant Association show. See you in Chicago...

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Improving Customer Relationships One Question at a Time

We ask the right questions at the right time by integrating sales transaction data, loyalty information, and survey results.

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Building a Survey Around the Customer Experience

AfterWords experience driven surveys are based on a customer’s transactional history. The questions are directly related to the customer’s experience providing a channel for a true digital conversation. This video demonstrates the advantages of integration when creating surveys. We can ask questions about individual items purchased, the area where the customer sat, or the individual that helped the customer. Our reporting allows you to see overall satisfaction, how individual elements correlated to the experience and provides information to pinpoint areas for improvement.

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